We are an experienced company in providing energy solutions through LED lighting, photovoltaic generation systems, consumption monitoring/management through a proprietary system, electromobility – chargers for electric vehicles – and migration/contract management services for the Brazilian Power Market. The industrial unit is located in Salvador/BA, with modern equipment and a dynamic production capacity to serve customers with punctuality and quality, in addition to having commercial offices in Salvador/BA, São Paulo/SP and Belo Horizonte/MG.

Together with our qualified team of Engineers, we are prepared to absorb constant market updates in order to bring cutting-edge technology to the production line. This way, our team builds a personalized strategy for each client, which connects your company and people to a more sustainable future. The main areas of activity are: Supermarkets, Logistics Centers, Hospitals, Industries, Construction Companies, Shopping Centers and Public Lighting.

We are experts in

Energy Efficiency

Founded in 2014, Ledax Energia is a solid company dedicated to providing energy efficiency solutions for companies and industries. Our mission goes beyond offering services and products of exceptional quality, as we are also concerned with playing an active role in building a more sustainable future for the environment. In addition to our pursuit of excellence, we are committed to protecting the environment.

We recognize the importance of acting responsibly and sustainably across all of our operations. Our energy efficiency solutions are designed to minimize energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the preservation of natural resources.

Our intelligent management system of energy optmizes your power costs and consumption.
The photovoltaic system generates clean and sustainable energy. It also ensures a long term saving and reduces your costs with energy up to 95%
In partnership with Schneider Electric, we offer electric cars chargers, for domestic and commercial uses.
We work hard everyday to give to continuosly improve our products and give the best experience to our clients.

Ledax is a reference in power-saving solutions for the corporate and public lighting market!

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Explore our section with some projects to learn about success stories in different sectors. Our cases are organized by category and provide more details about the services and products we use. We deliver efficient and personalized solutions, from installations in industries, supermarkets, public lighting, without forgetting solar energy.

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